Artisan, Small Batch Distributors

Distributing products pure & simple with a lower carbon footprint.

Early beginnings... 

Back before coffee could ever be known as a functional beverage, or a healthier coffee having added ingredients or supplements, that is when I decided to give birth to Doctors' Choice Coffee. Iin the fall of 2013, I developed a brand of unique low acid coffee blends, infra-red heat roasted, rich with antioxidants, B-vitamins, flavonoids, phenols, minerals and enzymes that work to support the immune, respiratory and digestive systems. Due to changes in our supply chain and unique roasting methods at our production plant, we will be discontinuing our unique coffee blends soon. So, enjoy the supplies while they last! 

From Doctors’ Choice® To Pure Mitt

In the Spring of 2022, I decided to recreate myself and my business! The goal being to align with a greater calling for the health and wellbeing of the planet by reducing the carbon footprint of distribution warehouses and supply chain. Making Michigan the focus, our sustainability model is one that everyone can appreciate that helps us all in the process of buying and selling goods.  

As the name, Pure Mitt, would indicate, we distribute artisan made products made in small batch production using only pure ingredients, keeping it simple in the supply chain to reach you, the customer. And by reducing the carbon footprint with transportation, every one of us can benefit, including our children's future.

How is our business model different?

Direct shipping to our retailers means there are no third-party warehouses where our products need to be shipped to. Here are just a few benefits. 

  • Your product is made fresh in small batches to be shipped direct to you
  • You can now carry products that have a shorter shelf life
  • You are doing your part in reducing the amount of fuel and storage costs that distributors have to pay to get a product delivered to you. Help us reduce those costs so we can pass along the savings to you and your customers. 

Our Current State

Pure Mitt is Michigan based; woman owned business.  We bring fresh, new and innovative artisan products to the market that are Michigan Made!

Our focus is primarily Michigan families, farms and small businesses. We want to keep as many dollars as possible in the state of MI.  Our goal is always delivering freshly made and unique products, directly to your door. 

As we continue to grow and expand our product lines, you can expect delicious new changes to our site and your experience shopping with us!

Products, Made Pure & Simple,

Daphne Thompson